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5 things I said I’d never do as a new parent

on February 9, 2015

When I found out I was pregnant with Hollie I swore there were a few things I wouldn’t do, however I realised soon after she was born that this sometimes isn’t possible. So here are 5 things I said I wouldn’t do but failed miserably at haha.

1. I said I would never co-sleep with Hollie, however after the 2nd week of nearly no sleep I feel asleep with hollie in bed with us and it was the best nights sleep in the whole 2 weeks of her being here and so I continued to co-sleep (safely of course) for the next 3 months.

2. I said I wouldn’t use baby jars and would make all my own baby food, but in reality it is sometimes so much easier to use them and hollie loved them as well.

3. I said I would only use positive ways to discapline my child (that’s not kind, please don’t do that) however one the tantrums started this soon went out of the window and the N word ‘naughty’ soon surfaced.

4. I always said I would only allow hollie to watch 30 minutes of T.V a day, but sometimes when  I really need to get something done watching T.V is the only thing that keeps her occupied.

5. And finally I didn’t want Hollie to eat fast food but in all honesty how can I stop her from the delights of a happy meal every so often!

I hope you enjoyed reading.


The List

5 responses to “5 things I said I’d never do as a new parent

  1. Jules says:

    It is hard to be realistic before you’ve had kids. I thought some of the same things above though I still have them in the back of my mind to keep trying. As long as they are content at the end of the day, learning and smiling, we’ve done ok 😉 #thelist

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  2. Oh I had so many! Especially the no fast food or TV. This second baby….well I don’t have rules any more!


  3. Yep to most of them! So many expectations and the reality is vastly different! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


  4. Oh gosh I’ve so been there and done that…I’m very guilty of number 1!xx


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